Little Peekaboo as we like to call him

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FC Barcelona 14/15.

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Arsenal - season 2014/2015 

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Q: When you think of the Blackhawks you think of Toews and Kane, one of the best duos in sports. So, if you were to associate yourselves with a TV duo, which duo would best resemble you guys.

A) Walter White & Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)
B) Chandler & Joey (Friends)
C) Wayne & Garth (Wayne’s World)
D) Zack Morris & Screech (Saved By The Bell)
E) Will & Carlton (Fresh Prince)

Toews: (laughs listening to the options)
I like the last two, but I’ll go with Zack and Screech.

Q: Who’s who?

Toews: (Stares in disbelief) C’mon, you know Kane is Screech for sure. That’s a good one for him, little curly headed rat, y’know. (x)

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Champions League 14/15 group stage draw:

Group A: Atletico, Juve, Olympiakos, Malmo
Group B: Real Madrid, Basel, Liverpool, Ludogorets
Group C: Benfica, Zenit, Leverkusen, Monaco
Group D: Arsenal, Dortmund, Galatasaray, Anderlecht
Group E: Bayern Munich, Man City, CSKA, Roma
Group F: Barcelona, PSG, Ajax, APOEL
Group G: Chelsea, Schalke, Sporting Lisbon, Maribor.
Group H: Porto, Shakhtar, Athletic Bilbao, BATE.

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Jack Wilshere asked by ramesrodriguez

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My soulmate is my bed and always will be

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Title: Sweater Weather
Artist: The Neighbourhood
Played: 23951 times


Sweater Weather | The Neighbourhood

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8/24/14: Brad Richards REPEATS the ALS ice bucket challenge because his captain asked him to [X[
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8/24/14: Jonathan Toews challenges and assists Clearwater Bay Elvis with ALS ice bucket challenge [X]
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