Look at a football field. It looks like a big movie screen. This is theatre. Football combines the strategy of chess. It’s part ballet. It’s part battleground, part playground. We clarify, amplify and glorify the game with our footage, the narration and that music, and in the end create an inspirational piece of footage.

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coach q does the ice bucket challenge

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When I was upset or suffering from a terrible day, nothing cheered me up more, even for a minute, than watching this man’s films or watching his interviews online. There is no way you could not laugh or crack a smile and his comedic nature. Thank you Robin. 

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8/11/14: “Hi, I’m Patrick Kane. I’m gonna accept Billy Guerin’s ice bucket challenge. I know I didn’t complete the challenge in 24 hours, so I’ll also make a donation as well. I’m also going to nominate Andrew Shaw, Adam Burish and Joakim Noah to accept the challenge.” [X]

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"You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it." - RIP Robin Williams, July 21, 1951 - August 11, 2014

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does anyone else feel like they just lost their favourite uncle

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Patrick Kane completes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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"Proof that phenomenal talent comes in all sizes."
Tyler Myers | Nathan Gerbe
Myers: 6’8” | Gerbe: 5’5” 

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It may seem like I’m a sarcastic asshole 24/7, but I’m actually only a sarcastic asshole 18/7 because at night I actually have feelings.

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